Smoking Cessation Hypnotist

Have you tried everything else to quit smoking? Has smoking been that thing that you can't get over? Stop smoking in a single hypnosis session with 100% GUARANTEE!

The saying at Hypnotic Engagements is “Calling is Quitting” so call 248-941-4246 to quit smoking for life.


Quit Vaping with Hypnosis

Stop vaping in a single hypnosis session with 100% GUARANTEE!


Weight Loss

When you're sick and tired of being sick and'll realize hypnosis works.



Not only that but we work with your doctor to make sure that it shows up in an allergy test, so don’t take our word for it!



From the caregiver’s perspective, we can help you to handle the stress that comes with watching your loved one. There are as many things that you start to experience as a caregiver that you probably wouldn’t expect. Daniel will help navigate you through what to expect and some of the possible ups and downs headed your way. He will be your doorway to the resources that you’ll come to rely on in these trying times!



He uses a very unique approach, he, as a hypnotist who uses the Mind to get out of the Mind!

It is well believed that we have 3 parts to our existence, Spirit/Mind/Body. Working with Daniel and his Practicing Presence program you’ll have real-time tools to stay Now. Now is the only place that life can ever be lived. To truly embrace this practice, it is more than just a hypnosis session here and there, he will dig deep into your life and Ego with you, giving you the needed tools to live a life free from the constraints of the past and future mind battles. Modern science has finally started to embrace the idea of Consciousness and Daniel is at the forefront of bringing hypnosis into this world...whatever is in front of you...use that to deepen your Awareness!


Stress and Anxiety

Do you imagine outcomes? Are you always thinking about the worst outcomes? Your issues are real and the outcomes can be tough. YOU already have the most valuable skill and will notice outcomes quickly when redirecting YOUR outcomes.

Take control of stress and anxiety with hypnosis.