Why and How does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is a natural state of body and mind. You’ll be guided into full relaxation. In this state, you’ll be able to implement the changes you’ve been looking for! We all go in and out of trance every day.

Some of you may be familiar with alpha brain waves. The alpha brain waves slow down to between 9-14 beats per second. It is where we are daydreaming, meditation, getting lost in a good book. It is the same state of mind when you fall asleep and when you wake up. So if you’ve ever fallen asleep or woken up – you’ve been in trance!

We don’t call it that but it is the same state of mind.

According to WebMD: How does hypnosis work (note: it reads HOW DOES rather than it DOESN’T work). 

Hypnosis is usually considered an aid to psychotherapy (counseling or therapy), because the hypnotic state allows people to explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories they might have hidden from their conscious minds. In addition, hypnosis enables people to perceive some things differently, such as blocking an awareness of pain.

Does Hypnosis work on everyone?

Everyone goes into trance, so yes hypnosis works on everyone. In order to get the change that you’re looking for, you have to truly want the change and become an active participant in your own life.

Can you do things I wouldn’t want during a hypnosis session?

Not at all! Hypnosis can’t do anything that would change your values or morals! The stuff that you see on TV or on stage, those people want to be silly and playful to begin with. Even if I could, I wouldn’t…I care too much about the person in front of me. The people who enter this business, really want the absolute best for you!


What is a typical hypnosis session like?

Sessions vary greatly depending on the person and the work that is being done. It is usually relaxed and calm but it doesn’t need to be. Sometimes they are interactive, you remember everything that goes on. For example, if I sneeze, you’ll hear it and won’t care. If there is something that requires immediate attention, like a fire alarm going off (knock on wood that hasn’t happened), you’ll open your eyes and have something more urgent to take care of.

Can Hypnosis work online?

In 2011 I did a training with a lady in California, we did all the phone work. I had never done that and was shocked myself!  She told me that if I came to her office, I’d close my eyes and listen to her voice! If we’re on the phone, I’d close my eyes and listen to her voice…she added a few colorful words in there too!

What does it cost?

All sessions vary based on needs and number of sessions. That is one of the reasons the phone consultation is so important! We assess your specific situation and base the number of sessions on exactly where you are.

Do you offer Financing?

Hypnotic Engagements LLC does not personally offer financing, we do work with MLend and they can get you the cash needed to get the change today. We all need money to survive and we won’t let that stand in the way of your best version of you!


Can you really guarantee I will never touch a cigarette again?

NO! What if you have to touch them to throw them away!?! I do my absolute best to ensure that you become and remain a non-smoker! Overall I have a 95% success rate and in both 2019 and 2020 I have yet to refund anyone for smoking cessation. I don’t say this to brag, it is very humbling. Working with smokers is one of my favorite things and you’ll understand why when you feel the shift in you!

How does hypnosis make allergy symptoms go away?

Our bodies aren’t designed to be allergic to pollen, dander or other items. It either comes because the nervous system operated independently of the rest of the body/mind/spirit connection or an emotional spike. We simply get everything to fall back into line and working together again!

How can smokers leave in one session but need multiple sessions for weight loss?

This is such a tough question to answer without going into major depth. The long and short of it – we need to eat but we don’t need to smoke. The other answer is everybody’s bodies are different and have different activity levels, process foods uniquely. There is a LOT more that goes into it than “smoking kills”

How fast will we see improvements with dementia?

We’ve seen improvements in as little as a single session. Similar to weight loss there is no clear-cut answer, I’d love to offer you one but that would negate 100% the idea of a client centered approach!