Since the pandemic hit and stay-at-home orders were introduced, I began suffering from a bit of uneasiness and heightened anxiousness. I saw on Facebook where Hypnotic Engagements was holding a free, online guided meditation. I’m rather inexperienced and under-educated on the benefits of hypnosis and guided meditation, besides a few classes at yoga studios.

As I wanted to get the most out of his class, I applied lavender essential oils on pressure points, set out a yoga mat to lay on, turned on a space heater and a small fan for a little white noise, all before the call. When the call began, Daniel greeted all guests, explained the process, asked us a few questions and began to take our group on a very relaxed journey, onto our subconsciousness. As his voice guided me in the meditation, it also guided me into awareness. After he “brought us back” to a state of consciousness, I immediately felt a sense of peace and comfort. I was relaxed and energized without the negative thoughts or fears of the unknown.