I loved working with Daniel. The hypnotic session was exactly what I needed in that moment and more than I could have imagined to get out of a hypnosis. It’s hard to grasp how it works, but I instantly noticed it does work! The minute we started I was instantly connected with my natural ability to experience inner peace and joy. For me that looked like: – being more perceptive of body awareness. – overflow of gratitude. – increased awareness of emotions. Specifically fear that was subconsciously keeping the mind stuck in a loop. Awareness of that fear instantly got me out of that loop. – Overall, more connected with myself, people and animals. Effect the next day(s): – More in tune with my natural passionate side: experiencing more inspiration leading to action, spontaneous occurring overflows of gratitude, being more receptive to positive experiences from the senses like the sound of music. – More energy Thank you Daniel! Much love and gratitude from the Netherlands.