I had been trying to quit smoking, unsuccessfully, and was recommended by a friend, who is a doctor, to try a session with Daniel before trying medication. I agreed and was to meet with him. I have to say before and while leading up to my session, I hoped it would work, I wanted it to work, but I could not have been a bigger skeptic of his or anyone’s hypnotic capabilities. I watched endless videos on hypnosis and was under the belief that some people most definitely can be hypnotized, but at the same time there was not even one fiber in my heart of hearts that thought it would work on me. “Not me, I started and run a multi-million business, I’m too strong-minded to be hypnotized,” I thought to myself. I entered his office with deep skepticism but kept an open mind at the same time. Daniel blew the cap off that open mind of mine. I walked out in disbelief, nothing comparable have I ever experienced and I’m going 2 weeks strong without a smoke. But the smoking was just one benefit, the sensational out-of-body experience has helped me in many other areas of my life. Long story short, go see this guy. You won’t walk out disappointed.