Daniel Cyral, Hypnotist

Hypnotic Engagements LLC evolved from an 18-year-old kid with a passion to a Senior Hypnotist with international clients. The journey started on Daniel’s birthday in 1998 when he was given a book on hypnotism. That book transformed him and he now has over 20 years of experience using his hypnosis skills to help people quit smoking, focus better, and make other positive changes.

He started formal training in 2008 with a small practice in Michigan. He was initially certified with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Finding his passion in human nature, working with people was one of the most natural fits! Daniel has a goal to teach every client the value and power that they possess within.

Daniel Cyral
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Hypnosis Clinics in Florida

After his move to Florida in 2010, he brought his practice with him. Later working at one of the busiest clinics in Florida, the Orlando Hypnosis Clinic he took his skill set to a new level. Seeing more clients in an average week than most hypnosis practices see in a month. Daniel also spent much of his time as the Florida and a regional director for Murder Mystery Company. He has traveled most corners of the state and over a dozen cities across the country. When you don’t see him working with a client you can often find him on stage entertaining crowds!

When he moved to Riverview, FL he went back into practice for himself and Hypnotic Engagements was born! Daniel started working with golfers and performing stage shows. Noticing the need to work with clients 1 on 1 he started doing sessions again. All sessions are done live over video conferencing. Daniel has the understanding that every person he sees is different and a person. He has a full client centered approach. One of the things that keeps clients happy and changing is that he focuses on them! His extensive training, education, and experience give him numerous techniques and approaches to help his clients achieve positive change.

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Roots in Greater Riverview, Florida

With his years of entertainment and being on the road in the past, Daniel has set up roots in his community. He served on the Board of Directors at the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce, he also served as the Honorary Mayor for 2020. He believes strongly in community service. As a Rotarian, he spends much of his time giving back locally. Using the leadership skills that he learned while earning his Eagle Scout, there never seems to be a dull moment.