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Janet quit smoking in 2011! I was lucky enough to have her drive from the other side of town for a different appointment!

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Nate tells us about his experience!

Shaun tells us how he quit smoking! 

Jeff found his flow and he gets to keep it!

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Tammy Workman-Lopez

You will get the best service, support, and results with Dan.

Brie Caudle

Dan is great! I was going to an interview in another state that I was extremely nervous about and he sent me a hypnosis clip just to listen to before my interview and it completely relaxed me!! I ended up getting my dream job because the hypnosis helped me calm down and really think about what I needed to say. Thank you Dan, you’re the best!!

Angie Bear

I first saw Daniel Cyral of Hypnotic Engagements recommended on a Riverview community Facebook page by several people for help to quit smoking. I was a smoker for 48 years and had tried numerous times to quit but failed every time. The cravings and withdrawals were too much. Then Covid-19 hit and it scared me to try harder. One session with Daniel and I was a non-smoker! The best thing was no cravings and no withdrawals! I’m serious! I was a little doubtful even with his money back guarantee but it really worked! I am still amazed! It has been four months and I haven’t even thought about smoking and don’t miss it at all. Do you want to quit smoking and avoid the cravings and withdrawals? Then go see Daniel! Highly recommend.


I loved working with Daniel. The hypnotic session was exactly what I needed in that moment and more than I could have imagined to get out of a hypnosis. It’s hard to grasp how it works, but I instantly noticed it does work! The minute we started I was instantly connected with my natural ability to experience inner peace and joy. For me that looked like: – being more perceptive of body awareness. – overflow of gratitude. – increased awareness of emotions. Specifically fear that was subconsciously keeping the mind stuck in a loop. Awareness of that fear instantly got me out of that loop. – Overall, more connected with myself, people and animals. Effect the next day(s): – More in tune with my natural passionate side: experiencing more inspiration leading to action, spontaneous occurring overflows of gratitude, being more receptive to positive experiences from the senses like the sound of music. – More energy Thank you Daniel! Much love and gratitude from the Netherlands.

Leslie Forrester

Due to a physical injury and stressful situation a few years ago, I have found myself with an inability to concentrate and other symptoms that were truly affecting my quality of life. After seeing Daniel from Hypnotic Engagements for the stress session, I found myself with a renewed ability to concentrate and read 2 full novels in a single day today – other benefits are definitely on the way, but that’s such a complete turnaround from where I was that I couldn’t wait to share it. 

I went into this without a lot of knowledge or expectations for it to make a marked difference, and I was really impressed. I’ve been practicing regular self-care but this was a whole different level. Thank you! Definitely recommend, and truly appreciate having this part of my life back.

Jill Andrew

Tried quitting smoking many times and thanks to Daniel I am now a non-smoker. Daniel is very talented and I highly recommend him to assist with any challenges you may have!

Grace McKee

Whatever your goals, consult Daniel about how he can help you gain control, reduce stress, and move forward.


Had a hypnosis session for my severe allergies & had amazing results. Within 2 days, I went from 3 allergy pills a day, to zero pills a day. On the second day, I did 3 hours of yardwork, trimming big bushes and cutting palm tree branches etc. and it was a windy day (high pollen). End result, I didn’t even sneeze once that night. A Big Thank You to David.

Elena Westrop

Since the pandemic hit and stay-at-home orders were introduced, I began suffering from a bit of uneasiness and heightened anxiousness. I saw on Facebook where Hypnotic Engagements was holding a free, online guided meditation. I’m rather inexperienced and under-educated on the benefits of hypnosis and guided meditation, besides a few classes at yoga studios.

As I wanted to get the most out of his class, I applied lavender essential oils on pressure points, set out a yoga mat to lay on, turned on a space heater and a small fan for a little white noise, all before the call. When the call began, Daniel greeted all guests, explained the process, asked us a few questions and began to take our group on a very relaxed journey, onto our subconsciousness. As his voice guided me in the meditation, it also guided me into awareness. After he “brought us back” to a state of consciousness, I immediately felt a sense of peace and comfort. I was relaxed and energized without the negative thoughts or fears of the unknown.

Clifton Kennedy

Great Session. Helped tremendously with some old baggage I had been dragging. Highly recommend.

Alex Crichter

I had been trying to quit smoking, unsuccessfully, and was recommended by a friend, who is a doctor, to try a session with Daniel before trying medication. I agreed and was to meet with him. I have to say before and while leading up to my session, I hoped it would work, I wanted it to work, but I could not have been a bigger skeptic of his or anyone’s hypnotic capabilities. I watched endless videos on hypnosis and was under the belief that some people most definitely can be hypnotized, but at the same time there was not even one fiber in my heart of hearts that thought it would work on me. “Not me, I started and run a multi-million business, I’m too strong-minded to be hypnotized,” I thought to myself. I entered his office with deep skepticism but kept an open mind at the same time. Daniel blew the cap off that open mind of mine. I walked out in disbelief, nothing comparable have I ever experienced and I’m going 2 weeks strong without a smoke. But the smoking was just one benefit, the sensational out-of-body experience has helped me in many other areas of my life. Long story short, go see this guy. You won’t walk out disappointed.


Daniel with Hypnotic Engagements does a great job. I see Daniel for stress management and I always end my sessions feeling at ease and in touch with myself. I feel his services give me the tools to manage my stress much more effectively than I had been previously. Thank you Daniel I highly recommend him!

Michael Frazier

Shaved 2 strokes off of my handicap. Can’t wait for mixer coming up next month.

Ada Bobola

I have used his hypnotherapy for issues other than smoking, since I don’t smoke, but I absolutely can say that I noticed a positive change. I definitely recommend Dan for any kind of “unsticking” you may need to help you get through!

David Raizor

Dan is a great, caring man that I have known for years. Plus, I used his services with good results and still after all these years use techniques, he taught me. I highly recommend him.

Vincent Burton

My business partner and I are very competitive and I hate to lose! A friend of mine quit smoking with Hypnotic Engagements and I decided to give it a try for my game. The first round I played after the first session I didn’t notice much of a score improvement but I felt really good and my confidence was high. After 2 more sessions, I have played 2 of my best games.

Meadow Rose

I worked with Daniel to stop smoking. I smoked over a pack a day for 15 years. I am proud to say that I haven’t had one since!

Loriann Johnson

Listen to the CD! I didn’t listen to the support session that he gave me. So I didn’t quit and had to go back. After he yelled at me (not really lol) I did as I was instructed. I haven’t smoked in 6 months!

Ron Jaffe

In general, I’m dubious about stage hypnotism but decided to see Mr. Cyral’s show and was entertained from beginning to end. What was really fun was just watching the audience which started out like me at the beginning, cautions, and ended up laughing and cheering through most of the show. My only regret was not getting there earlier to get a better seat as apparently, his shows fill up quickly.

Rich Fontaine

One of the best and most positive DJs and organizers I have ever met. His skills are through the roof. I didn’t believe in Hypnotism before until it was done on me and it is life-changing and so much fun. You will enjoy the great skills and fun that Dan brings to the table every time!

Miki Varela

I didn’t believe hypnosis worked but I was desperate. Thanks, Daniel!